Art class drawings: sketches of my hand and upside down sketches

Hello, and welcome to my newest blog, Right Brain Creation!

This is a place for me to show off  keep track of my progress while I try to be creative every week. I plan to include drawings, crafts, comics, photography, and probably some reviews of my favourite authors and screenwriters. Anything that stimulates the right side of the brain in an interesting way will make it on here. For those who don’t know already, that’s the side involved with creativity, hence the name of this blog.

Taking an art class is the easiest, most obvious way for me to start thinking more like an artist. I have just started a beginner’s level sketching and painting class where I can learn the fundamentals once a week. I’ve been wanting to get better at drawing anyway, since I’ll sometimes get the urge to paint something only to have trouble getting it out right. Learning to draw will help me to be a better painter.

I’ve had two classes so far. In the first class we drew pictures upside down. The point was to force the brain to look at the shapes and draw what you see instead of drawing what you think you see. I drew a horse and a woman. I’m happy with how they turned out.


This weekend we sketched objects and hands.  The very first sketch below is one that I  did without looking at the paper, in case you’re wondering why it looks demented.

003 008 005 006 007

I’m happiest with the closed hand sketches. At some point, once I’m better at all of this,  I’ll have to post another sketch so we can compare it to these ones! Next week we’ll be working with charcoal. Stay tuned!



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