Octopus Gel Candle!

Last weekend I went to a birthday BBQ for this girl I used to work with. We share a similar sense of humour, so I made this candle, knowing she would love it when she opened it up.





I got all the supplies from Michaels. I used pomegranate scent (not sure if I added enough, though) and just a tiny bit of solid blue dye. Adding too much blue dye would have made the wax too dark. The octopus and the candle wick are secured to the inside of the jar with glue from a glue gun.

The gel wax was easy to melt, although it burns more easily than regular wax so if you’re going to make something like this, keep that in mind. I heated it directly in a pan after realizing the coffee tin method would take too long. The wax was extremely easy to remove from the pan afterwards since it becomes a sticky gel you can peel off.

I’ve got about half a tub of gel wax leftover, so now I need to decide what to do with it. I’ve got a few ideas, but I’m keeping them a secret. This was really fun to make!


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