Votive Candles

So I made votive candles last month for a change of pace.




The wax that I’m using is designed for containers, not free-standing candles but I gave it a shot anyway. They turned out pretty well, if you ignore the fact that the sides melt while it is burning. A regular dollar store votive candle stands straight while it burns, while these ones melt into a puddle straight away. Ah well. They still work okay so long as I put them in something that can hold the excess wax.

I made purple ones because I had this ugly candle that hadn’t turned out right the first time I made it. The colour of the wax was purplish-brown, so I melted it down again and added candle dye to normalize the colour. Also, one of my candle scents is berryfields, and purple seems like a berry colour.


Those are the scents that I used. I’ve had them for ages and just want them gone already! The berry is okay, but the sunblossom is sickening. Maybe I added too much? I used 1oz of scent per 1lb of melted wax. Anyway, I made yellow candles too because they look good in the middle of my flower candle holder.


You may have also noticed some of the candles are demented looking. I didn’t know how to remove them from the molds properly nor did I try to figure out how. Instead I just winged it. I found it most helpful to wait until they were almost, but not completely, hardened, then sliding a knife down the side the loosen them from the metal molds. Hopefully I can figure out something better for next time.

Oh yeah something else that I learned is the way colours work in candle-making. The colour of the wax is always darker when it is hardened than when it is in liquid form. For this reason I now keep a glass container near the stove so I can pour out bits of wax to test the colour before making the candle.

I also thought that I could lighten up a colour by adding white wax, but that’s not so. Adding white wax will dull the colour, but it won’t actually change it. As in, we can make a bright red into a dull red, but we can’t turn it into a pretty pastel pink just by adding white wax. It doesn’t work the same way as painting with acrylics. Colouring wax reminds me of watercolour painting, but not in a bad way.

My next candle project: rainbow layers!


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