Manga Drawings!

Okay so I am finally getting back into drawing again. Art classes are over, and I feel guilty about missing the last two. I had a good reason for missing the second last one. I had a mandatory work party at the community garden, in which we unloaded the compost that had arrived. For the last class, I overslept, which is not a great excuse. I never did get my pastel drawing back since I’d left it there, but oh well. I have some new drawings to share!!


Yay manga! I love watching cartoons and I’ve been wanting to practice drawing people, so I got myself a manga for beginners drawing book. It allows me to practice drawing in perspective, and it feels less complicated than trying to draw real people. So as you can see I began with the full-on view of the face, and practiced drawing eyes. I’m not too happy with the eyes, but maybe I’m being too hard on myself.

The lines tell me where to put the eyes, nose, and everything else, which I like. For now, I am drawing them in then erasing them. Once I get the hang of where everything goes, I won’t need to do that anymore.



The last one is a 3/4 angle. Something about it looks off to me, but that’s okay. I can try it again later. I’m really happy with the profile view. I was never able to get the mouth right whenever I used to try and draw sailor moon when I was younger. Yes yes, make fun of me if you wish. I loved drawing those pretty ladies in their too-short skirts. Maybe I should try again.



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