Manga characters: Standing poses

Last week I learned how to draw the basic manga face. This week I practiced sketching the manga body. I stayed away from anything complicated and focused on a standing, full front view.


Here we have the male and female form. Aside from the most obvious differences, such as breasts on women and extra muscles on men, we need to also consider the hip, waist, and shoulder width. On women, we make the hips the same width as the shoulders. Obviously in real life this isn’t always so, but until I get better at drawing, I’ll be following this model. The woman also has a waist that sits higher on her body than it does on a man. With the man, his shoulders are wider than his hips. With arms, the elbow joint falls just below the ribcage for both men and women.


Okay, so I drew a casual standing pose. The sketch on the left shows where the hips and shoulders should fall. She is standing with the weight on her left (our right) leg, which causes her left hip to jut upwards, her left shoulder slightly lower than the right. Her right leg is a bit off to the side instead of beside the other. It gives her a more natural stance than that of a character standing stiff as a soldier with arms at her sides.

I’m not sure if I got her shoulders quite right, but I’m happy with the tilt of her hips. I focused on the lines of her clothing, then got lazy with everything else. Her hands and feet look better than what I normally draw, though, so this sketch is a huge improvement for me. Maybe next week I’ll try some sideways and three-quarter poses.



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