Stargazer Lily in garage sale bottle

So I haven’t done anything crafty lately. I think creativity is like exercise in the sense that we know it’s good for us, but it can be hard to include in our everyday life. Whenever I feel this way, I like to enjoy something simple and beautiful. I think that sometimes we can jumpstart our creativity by allowing ourselves to feel inspired by something.

This week, I noticed that a stargazer lily was flopped over in its container. I had grown some on the balcony again this year. Not wanting to waste it, I cut it and placed it inside this bottle that I had found at a garage sale.


I love glass bottles. I like the variety of shapes and colours and I like how the light passes through them. This might sound weird, but a collection of bottles, handpicked from different garage sales or local stores, makes me feel connected to the community. This one seems perfect for a flower. I like how the bright pink, pointed petals contrast with the smooth, round, greenish-blue glass. I put it near the apartment entranceway so I can smell the lily as soon as I get home. It has a strong, heady scent. It is beautiful, and looking at it makes me want to make beautiful things.

It also gave me a chance to practice my photography! I took this shot while on my lunch break, so I had to take it quickly. I’m not completely happy with the background. The way the light shone through the windows, it was either have a chair as the background or a white wall, and with the white wall I couldn’t catch the water in the glass. It was more important to me to catch the light shining through the glass, so the flower part of the shot was compromised. If I’d had more time on my lunch break, I could have rearranged the furniture to make things perfect. Already I am feeling the urge to take out my camera again!

What makes you feel inspired?



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