Manga characters: standing poses 3/4 turn

So I decided to try a challenging pose: the 3/4 turn. It’s trickier than a full facing forward or profile pose since we’ve got one side of the body partially hidden from view. The instruction book says that we can show the hips and waist by drawing “in” and “out” curves, as shown here.


I had issues when I tried to add clothing. Here is my first try.


It’s not too bad, except that I got lazy with the feet and hands. Her face is out of proportion also. I drew shorts instead of the capris featured on the drawing I was copying. I hate capris, and I found the knees easier to draw without them. However, the shorts don’t look right so I went back to the capris for the next two attempts.


Much better! I’m happy with her shirt and the crotch lines in the pants. I don’t normally say that I like crotches, but those lines make a big difference to the proportion. So I’ll give myself a pat on the back for drawing them properly. It took a few tries! Her bent knee is messed up and her foot is too large. The face is better, except the eyes were drawn the same size when the right eye should be smaller to show that her face is partly turned away.


My third and final attempt, as my patience faded away. In this sketch, all I wanted was to properly draw her knee and face. I think I succeeded. Also, I figured out how to draw the manga eyes without them looking too weird. On the downside, I hastily drew the crotch line too far to the right and her body is too skinny. For that reason, I like attempt #2 the best.

None of these are perfect but that’s okay. I’ve got the general idea of how to do a 3/4 view, I didn’t enjoy sketching any of these; it just seemed important to know how to do this perspective. With my next sketch, I will do something fun!



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