Crickets and the full moon in the garden

I belong to a community garden and I’ll sometimes go there past dark to water my plot and enjoy nature. Some of the stuff growing there is just beautiful. The flowers especially give a feeling of wildness and whimsy. This week, the cicadas and crickets were in full force while the full moon rose above the fields in the distance. I brought my tripod – which I’d just bought and felt excited about! – to get some shots. It was pretty cool to have the sun setting on the one side, the moon rising on the other.

Hopefully that audio is showing up properly on the page. I had to learn how to convert video to audio, since my camera doesn’t have audio only. Then I had to upload the file to a website, in order to embed it here on my blog. So much work!! It’s not showing up the way it should on my screen, because of the browser I have, but hopefully it is working for everyone else. I want you all to hear the crickets chirping while you look at the photos. This is the best I could do for now. Anyway, on to the photos!











As you can see with these last ones, I couldn’t resist some photo editing. Picasa has this cool effect called Lomo-ish, which intensifies the colours. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.



By the time I left the garden, I felt totally relaxed. These are the moments of summer to remember.



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