Rainbow Candles

The rainbow candles are finally complete!!

To make rainbow candles, we follow the same instructions as any other container candle. The only difference is that we’re making layers. Start with either violet or red on the bottom, allow the layer to harden, then add the next colour and the next. I made two candles at once to help use up any extra coloured wax.




As you can see, I didn’t space out the layers well enough. The top three colours are larger than the blue, green and violet. Ah well. Another thing to watch for is the side of the container. The wax might stick to the sides while pouring, and if left that way, it will stay there when the next colour is poured in, creating “puddles” of wax against the sides that are noticeable once the candle is complete. I didn’t wipe it off, so now I know for next time.

Overall, I’m pleased with them. It feels good to get it off my crafting to-do list!



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