Autumn Hiking

I’ve gone hiking twice this month as part of my effort to be more active outdoors. I brought along my camera, knowing there must be some good shots seeing as how the leaves have turned colours already. Unfortunately, it was raining on the first hike so for that reason I didn’t get many photos, and the ones I did get had raindrops on the lens, ruining many of the otherwise nice shots I got. Yesterday I got some shots that I’m really happy with.



You may notice that the look-out shots are focused on a closer subject, allowing the coloured trees and fields to be a blurred background. I was aiming to make my shot a little different from the usual “wow look at the trees below” photos that people usually take, though I did take one classic shot of the view.





Super Mario mushroom! Except it’s yellow.


I love exposed tree roots.

Most of these photos have been edited in Picasa by increasing the amount of shadow. Even though I’d kept the point in the light meter in the middle, many of these shots turned out brighter than I wanted them to, making the colours look washed out. Maybe certain subjects turn out better with less light coming in. That’s something I’ll have to keep in mind for next time.

I’m proud of these next two photos since they did not require any adjustments in photo editing. We took the trail Luskvale Falls in Gatineau Park, so I wanted some shots that focused on the falls. I wanted to catch the wetness of the leaves and the ripples of the current, while having enough background to show perspective. I wanted it to be clear that this isn’t just a puddle on the ground.



I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted in one shot, but I’m happy with these two photos. I am feeling much more comfortable with manual mode now that I know how to adjust the aperture. As you lower the aperture, the lens will focus on nearby subjects. Increasing the aperture will pull the background into focus, blurring nearby objects. As you can probably guess, this shot had an aperture of about 4 or 5.

Anyway, that’s all for now. It won’t be long before all the leaves have fallen, so I’m glad I got out to see them before that happened.


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