Making a creative life: my goals

Time to talk about my life.

Although most of my posts have been and will be about creative projects, there are weeks when I don’t make anything. Sometimes I have legitimate reasons, but mostly I make excuses. It is part of the struggle; most of us know how it is. We go to work, come home, need to make dinner, go to the store, do what needs doing and by the end of the day we’re exhausted. We plan to spend time drawing or writing or whatever else, but something else comes up.

Becoming artistic is like making any other lifestyle change. When creativity is not already a part of our routine, it is difficult to stick to it long enough to make it a habit. Maybe we’ll do well for a while until something happens to make us fall off the wagon again.

I mention the difficulty of perseverance because this blog is about creativity, and struggles are part of the creative process. I am on a journey to better myself. On a psychological level, creativity connects us to ourselves by allowing us to tap into our subconscious, bringing forth images and ideas that may otherwise stay buried. Sharing our creations connects us to each other.

On another level, being creative is just plain fun. I was the type of child whose idea of a great afternoon was to build a solar oven out of tinfoil and a cardboard box, even if it didn’t work (it didn’t). I didn’t care about playing with so-and-so. I wanted to roast marshmallows using solar power! I still feel this way sometimes, and I miss those carefree moments. Making crafts and DIY projects brings me to a happy place. I don’t want adulthood to take that away.

This brings me to the underlying purpose of this blog. I want to continue my enjoyment and make a career of it through freelance writing. I don’t need to be told how much work it will be. I know there are many roadblocks on the path of entrepreneurship, the biggest one perhaps dealing with criticism from ourselves and others. Right Brain Creation is a place for me to build confidence, develop creative habits and skills, share my progress and provide any helpful advice I pick up along the way. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I hope for encouragement too.

Right now I’m struggling to restart my other blog, the one I started years ago and abandoned. I’m not ready to share it here yet. Let’s just say it’s my big project, the one I hope to make money from yet also feel paralyzing fear about. I’ll keep flexing my creative muscles on Right Brain Creation for now, and hopefully in the new year I’ll move further with my career goals.

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2 thoughts on “Making a creative life: my goals

  1. Good for you! It’s wonderful to go after the things you really want in this life. So many people are bogged down with what others say they should do. It’s refreshing when someone realizes they can actually do anything they want!

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