Poem: Skin

Every now and then, I’ll write something which accidentally expresses what’s going on for me. I don’t usually share it. Lately, however, I’m tired of keeping things in the dark. So here’s a little something I wrote today. Hope you enjoy it!


The pieces are coming together;
the heart constricts.
It’s more comfortable that way,
but it needs to let go to beat.

The sacrum feels rattled, bony.
It becomes a nightly routine to roll out the kinks,
swivel the hips.

I fear it’s not real.
There’s a crack in the a door,
a line of light falling across cement floors and walls.

I close my eyes while my pupils adjust,
savouring the feel of warmth on my face.

Laughing could lead to attack
and greatness could attract hate.

It’s that delicate state of shedding a skin.
Raw, muscular flesh is exposed,
the sunlight feels foreign,
and the darkness seems that much darker
next to the light.

Katrina Begg.


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