Monopoly Game Board Clock

This is an older project from 2010. Originally, I had posted about it in a different blog, but I am in the middle of restructuring that blog and I think the clock post makes more sense here at Right Brain Creation.


It is a monopoly game board that functions as a clock when hung on the wall. When removed from the wall, it sits evenly on the table and can be played like any normal board game.

The clock parts are from an old ugly clock that we had on hand. The board game had been sitting in the closet for a year, completely unused. I was in the mood to create something so, rather than throw that stuff out, I chose to save them by making something cool for the wall.

The middle is painted white. The original clock face was dull,  so I made it look more cheerful by drawing the numbers and a dollar sign onto paper and gluing it onto the original metal plating. The clear box used to hold thumb tacks but now holds the playing pieces, houses and hotels. I attached the box to the board with magnets so it can be removed easily.


In order to hold the playing cards and properties in place, I drilled holes through the game board then inserted elastics through the holes.  The clock mechanics made the back of the board uneven, so to help it lay flat on the table I made a platform. The platform is a bunch of empty DVD cases hot-glue-gunned onto the corners. This allows the board to sit evenly on the table. The DVD cases double as storage units and hold all the monopoly money.

Anyway, I kept it for about two years. Eventually I moved, so I let the monopoly clock go. I had a fun time making it. Since I was on a budget, I couldn’t make it as sturdy or as nice as I wanted it to be. Maybe someday I’ll make a different board game clock.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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