New header image: Brain sketch

So I’ve been wanting to change up the appearance of Right Brain Creation for a while now. After browsing dozens of theme options, I decided to keep what I had and make a custom header. I haven’t done that before, so I had to stumble through the process.

First, I drew the image I wanted.


Next, I blundered through MS Paint. The outline wasn’t as dark as I wanted, so I went over the outline with a thick black paintbrush.


The uploaded image had eraser marks and an unpleasant gray tinge to it, so I used the “select” and “eraser” tools to remove the original photo’s background.


After that, I used the “fill” tool for the white parts, erased the other bits and filled those in black. I did a lot of touching up.


Is it just me, or does he look better in this photo than he does in the final version?


It took me over an hour to figure out the best way to copy and paste the brain image onto a solid coloured background, then save the image to the proper size. I can’t help but think there is an easier way to do this that I just don’t know about. Maybe if I felt more comfortable drawing in paint, I could have done the whole thing that way instead of editing a photo. Or maybe I could have turned the photo black and white in Picasa, then cut out the resulting image?

Oh well too late now. It’s not perfect but maybe that’s okay. After all, this blog is all about learning new things and making mistakes and feeling okay with imperfection.


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