Winter Forest and playing with Photoshop

This morning I went snowshoeing, which gave me the perfect opportunity to bring my camera and take nature shots. I haven’t used it this winter, and I’ve been meaning to improve my photo-editing, so today I downloaded a trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements and played around with the special effects.

My main goal was to start using “frames” for my pictures. I did this by clicking the “quick” button at the top, then selecting the “frames” button at the bottom.


I didn’t center it very well with this one. First lesson: saving the image as photoshop image makes it more difficult to upload into wordpress, but saving the image as .jpg prevents you from editing it properly in photoshop later. I saved this as a .jpg only and yeah. I don’t have the energy to edit it from scratch all over again. So from now on, I’ll save edited photos under each file type.

I added special effects too. The frames don’t add enough by themselves. Today was warm but overcast, leaving most of my photos white and gray. Some of them were overexposed also. Adjusting the shadows helped with the contrast. They still seemed dull, though. Brightening it up with colour didn’t seem right, as I wanted to maintain the wintery feeling, so I went for a spooky forest look by using Sepia effect.


Some of these other photos use a “vintage” effect, which I like better than the sepia.



I love this next photo, so much so that I used several effects to try and capture it properly. I love it when leaves become bleached like ghosts and cling to branches throughout the bitter cold. They are fragile and strong and beautiful all at the same time.





They remind me of cherry blossoms, a Canadian version perhaps. Anyway, as happy as I am with these photos, I’m still looking forward to spring.


2 thoughts on “Winter Forest and playing with Photoshop

  1. I like your pictures. When I work with photos in Photoshop, I save them as PSD’s for edittability, but for my final photo to upload via WordPress, I use the Save for Web function. This helps you optimize the images for the web while still controlling the quality of the photo. 🙂

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