D Gray Man music on the flute: Jean to Leo

I discovered this amazing anime show called D Gray Man. It revolves around Allan Walker, a young boy who is an exorcist. His job is to band together with other exorcists to fight against monsters called akuma, created by the big bad guy The Millenium Earl. The akuma are kinda like monsters in other anime shows like Sailor Moon, in the sense that they are powered by human souls. The Earl creates the akuma by harvesting human souls and bending them to his will. The anime doesn’t reveal what The Earl is exactly, except that he is not from Earth. His plan, of course, is to wage war against the humans and take over their world. There is only one thing that can defeat him, a substance called Innocence. There is a limited amount of it, so the Earl, the akuma, and his other servants known as the Noahs are racing against the exorcists to collect the Innocence first.

Being the main character, Allan Walker is unique. His one eye has been cursed so he can see the human souls trapped inside Akuma. Nobody else can see them. While everyone else believes they are killing monsters, Allan sees himself as saving human souls. In addition to that, he was born with Innocence in his body, which is rare. Most of the other exorcists use weapons made from innocence, such as swords or guns. Allan’s arm is his weapon.

I think the show has some beautiful, emotional moments and much of that is made possible by the music. I felt inspired to find sheet music and play it on my flute. I haven’t played in years, so it came out sort of rusty. Ah well. This song is called Jean to Leo.

And here is how the original sounds

What a beautiful song. I don’t think the sheet music used the exact same notes as the original. Or maybe it just sounds different because they switch between instruments. Anyway, it felt good to play again.





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