Paint by numbers completed: finding a routine for creativity

I promised that I would finish the paint by numbers that I started earlier this month. I knew that it would be awful, and it felt like a waste of time. However, I’ve been making an effort to strengthen my animus, which means that I need to follow through on projects, so here it is.




It really is awful, isn’t it? I don’t know why the instructions told me to put bits of purple into the sky and into the cat’s fur. The paint is so thin that you can see the numbers underneath even when I layered it on twice. I don’t know about you, but I can hardly tell what anything is supposed to be. Only the one cat on the right looks normal.

Oddly enough, I enjoyed working on it anyway. It became a routine to come home from a bike ride, throw a potato in the oven and paint while watching episodes of Dragon’s Den. I don’t trust paint by numbers anymore, so I won’t be doing this again, but I want to keep the routine going. I’ve got some sculpy clay in the closet that I keep meaning to work with, so maybe I’ll make something with that. I’m glad to have found a way to include arts and crafts in my day.

How do you make art part of your routine?


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