The last gel candle: sponge bob square pants

I was really excited to make this candle. I got the idea a couple years ago when someone gave me a pen with a little plastic sponge-bob square pants figure on the top. He fell off and I didn’t want to throw him out, so I decided to make him a pineapple house and put him under the sea, candle form.


The pineapple is made from sculpy clay. I baked it in the oven, then used a permanent marker to draw on the gridlines.



I scraped the sand off the sidewalk and added blue dye to the wax to make it look like water. Unfortunately, I added too much dye and the wax is so dark you can’t see anything without holding up a light behind it. If the wax were a bit more clear, this candle would have been really cute.

To be perfectly honest, I’m really not content with how this turned out. In fact I’m a little pissed off; maybe that’s my perfectionism getting to me. I’ve had the idea for a long time, and I put a fair amount of effort into making it. I was planning to use it as a funny decoration on my bookshelf and I can’t do that. From a distance, it looks like a normal blue candle.

I am thinking of burning the candle, salvaging the figures and turning them into a snowglobe. I don’t feel like buying more candle wax. It’s probably cheaper and less hassle to just buy some glitter and glycerin.

Oh well. That’s part of the creative process – messing things up and figuring out how to fix them.
Life goes on!

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