Making Food Photography Props

This is a project I’ve been putting off doing for so long that I nearly forgot about it.

One of my goals is to have my photos from my food blog featured on They only accept high quality photos, so I’ve been teaching myself food photography. I seem to have it mostly figured out – the last few photos I submitted were rejected because the composition sucked. Everything else like the lighting and the focus were okay.

So to improve the composition of my photos, I had to put together some props. I think that a background of a “wood table” should work well. My father gave me some wood stains that he doesn’t need anymore, then I went to Michael’s craft store to buy pieces of wood. I tried Home Depot first but they didn’t have the size that I wanted. Anyway, I think what I bought will work.



I stained each side a different colour, except for the Golden Oak which I did on two pieces. That way I can put the pieces together for an extra big photo prop, if needed. I think I’ll do the same for the other colours. I’ll buy a third piece of wood and stain one side Cherry, one side Red Mahogany.

Just for fun, here’s Eowyn on the balcony watching me at work.


Anyway, I’ve already got several square white plates and a bunch of different coloured placemat, in case I need those as props. What I really needed was a white backdrop, so I bought a large piece of plain white cloth from Value Village for about seven bucks.


I had been using my coffee table previously. Now, the couch seems like a better place to set it all up.

Here’s my new and improved photo of homemade vanilla extract, which I’ll be posting on my other website.


The lighting is a bit off since I took this after sunset. However, I think the background looks much better than previous photos where all you could see was a purple couch sitting there.

Are you into photography? What kind of props do you like to use?



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