Autumn at Pink Lake

So this past weekend I went to Pink Lake in Gatineau Park to take in the sights and take some photos.

I tried to keep the photos interesting by framing the background with nearby objects such as overhanging branches and the lake.








I came across this cedar tree growing out of a rock and thought it looks really cool. It’s an example of how versatile nature can be. No soil? No problem, let’s just grow on a mossy rock instead!



At the beginning of the trail I saw this golden tree. I think it’s beautiful. I wish now that I had taken a photo from the other side so you could see it from top to bottom.



I’m not sure that I used the proper aperture for this shot. I was shooting in manual mode and I’m not used to doing far objects. The tree leaves look blurry, so maybe I should have jacked the aperture up higher to get a more defined looking tree in this photo.

Oh well, I did a better job with the leaf shot. I’ve got this habit of standing at the bottom of trees and looking upwards. I love the contrast of dark branches with light leaves against a clear sky.





Then a few more trees, trails, and some sort of cave thing.





1-038  1-008




When shooting fall scenery, I prefer to keep the shutter speed below the “0” or middle line in order to keep some shadows. It helps the colours to pop. There were a few shots where I misjudged the lighting and the colours looked washed out, so I just edited those photos in Picasa by increasing the “shadows.”

Did you get a chance to enjoy Autumn this year?


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