Another Gel Candle: Martini glass!

I know that I’m supposed to be done with candles. However, I was unhappy with how my sponge-bob square-pants candle turned out and felt the urge to fix it. All I did was pull the gel wax out of the container (it comes out easily, no tools needed), re-melted it in a pot with some red dye, added a wick to an empty martini glass and poured the wax into the glass.



Ta-da! It wasn’t my intention to have the wax wine coloured. I added red to the blue wax to try and get something less generic. Plain blue seemed too boring. The colour came out like this and I’m very happy with it.


1-070 1-065


Maybe I’m not finished with candle-making after all? I don’t see myself buying new wax anytime soon, but I’ll probably collect the leftover wax from store bought candles and make recycled candle projects every now and then.

Thanks for looking!



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