Poetry: Heartache II

I’ve been sorting through my memory boxes, artwork, old notebooks, and bits of poetry on scraps of paper. It fills a large plastic storage tote in the closet and a good part of my desk’s shelf-space, and I can’t stand it anymore. The urge to organize is upon me.

While going through the disorganized mess, I found this poem that I had written on November 7th, 2008, for a creative writing course that I was taking at the time. To me it felt like a continuation of a poem I had written years before called Heartache, hence the title Heartache II. I still like it.

Heartache II

I am a tree unearthed;
my roots crave the soil
as they flirt with the sky.

I am a child,
screaming underwater
even on land.

I am fire under ice,
burning inside
yet feeling nothing.

I am a woman;
my eyes are open
but my feet are running,
running away
from you
like the moon runs away from the sun.

But I know that we’ll meet again,
as surely as dawn turns to day
so will I turn to you,
and reclaim what I’ve lost.

Thanks for reading.


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