Making RPG Sprites with Game Character Hub: blue fairy + The Walking Dead characters

A few months back I got this fantastic deal on graphics for RPG Maker VX Ace. The Humble Bundle that I purchased not only had tons of tile sets, but also a few software programs including Game Character Hub. Using the software is yet another task that I’ve been putting off doing, so of course I had to change that. Tonight I sat down, went through the tutorial and learned how to make sprites and face graphics.


I had fun making this blue fairy. I’m not sure where I’ll put her exactly but I’m sure this graphic will come in handy sometime in the future. I’ve already imported it into the system.

Next I attempted to make The Walking Dead characters. The clothing choices are unfortunately limited. I don’t know how to create my own clothing yet so I had to choose from the templates. Can you tell who these are?



These are my two of my favourite characters, Michonne and Darryl. I wish I knew how to add a sword and a crossbow. I had to make all sorts of alterations for Darryl. To make a vest, I took a shirt graphic and deleted the sleeves. Then I took the beard graphic, which was overly bushy, and trimmed it. As for Michonne, there isn’t any “dreadlock” hair to choose from so I chose something that looks sort of like it from the side view. Not too shabby huh?

I would like to make some more Walking Dead sprites later this week. I’m thinking Abraham, Eugene, Carol and Glenn. I really hope that Glenn isn’t dead!!! This week’s episode told us all about Morgan, which is fine I guess since Morgan is cool but I WANT TO KNOW IF GLENN IS ALIVE!!!

Oh and if anyone wants to use these sprites, you are free to do so but please give me credit for it.

Who is your favourite TWD character?


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