Learning to make pixel art: apple item to use in RPG game

I can’t always find the graphics I want for the RPG Maker, so I figure I should learn to make my own pixel art. Like most other things, I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now. No more putting it off. Let’s do this!!

My choice of software is Gimp 2.8. I haven’t used it before, so I’ve spent the past few days playing around with it and searching for that perfect youtube tutorial video. Finally I found this video which explains how to make item icons, size them properly, and export them from GIMP to RPG Maker.

After many hours of intense concentration, I managed to produce this amazing work of art.


Not bad, huh? I didn’t give it too much detail because of how small it is. Here is its actual size: 24X24 pixels. appletest

In order to add it to RPG Maker, you have to export the “item sheet” to one of your folders or to your desktop, open it up in GIMP, open up the apple image that I had saved as a .png file, and cut/paste the apple into the item sheet. Then save. THEN go back into RPG Maker and import it under the same file name so that it overrides the default file.

Fullscreen capture 06112015 20608 AM

I managed to accomplish this, but when I import it to VX Ace it gets this green background too which is not cool. I don’t know what I did wrong exactly so I’ll fix it after I get some sleep.

Thanks for looking!

UPDATE: For anyone else having the same issue, I figured out how to fix it! To change the green background to transparent, simply click on the background. This colour will now appear in the “transparent Colour [L Click]” box.


Click on “OK.” Now preview the image. The background colour is gone!

Hopefully this helps someone else out there. I googled it and could not find the answer anywhere.


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