NaBloPoMo Day #9: Pixel Banana and thoughts on RPG food

I know that I am supposed to post pictures of the newly painted entranceway today.However, we’re still adding the trim, and I’d rather wait until it’s completely finished before I post any pictures. It shouldn’t take too much longer.

Instead, I’ll show you the pixel banana that I made.

1-Fullscreen capture 09112015 13144 AM

Does it look like a banana to you? To me it looks like a moon. Ah well, I tried.

You know what annoys me sometimes about RPG games? The food is boring. The choices are always bread, meat, cheese for HP, and then berries to increase mana, and fresh herbs are always to cure status ailments. What about apples and bananas and lasagna and broccoli soup? What if your character is a vegetarian? I want my characters to have choices! I mean, after you battle a bunch of monsters wouldn’t you like to go to the next town and grab a great big bowl of chili? I know I would!

I might have to create a foodie character, someone who annoys everyone else by dragging them to their favourite Italian restaurant. “We just killed a dungeon boss and almost died. Come on everyone, let’s live a little! I know this place that serves the best pizza in all the land. We have to go there!”

What do you think? When you play an RPG game, what kind of food choices do you want for your character?


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