Entrance-Way Makeover: Before + After Shots

As I mentioned in previous posts, the entrance-way in our home needed a makeover. We spent all weekend painting it and adding new trim. I did most of the painting while H did all the trim.

Without paint, the walls looked rough. A previous occupant who happened to be canine just loved chewing up the walls. Take a look at the damage.


Ouch. It has been patched up, yet clearly a new coat of paint is desperately needed.

Ready to be amazed?

I kept the wall decor functional. Blue-grey goes well with wood tones and most of my hooks and shelves are stained wood, so it seemed like a good combination. Tonight I lucked out and found this wood etching of a tree at Value Village for only 15 bucks. It helps to fill some empty wall space.

We’re both impressed with ourselves and our handiwork. There are a few minor touch-ups to make, since I got paint all over the ceiling and missed a few spots at the base of the wall. Aside from that it is finished!

We still need to paint every other room in the house. I don’t know about any of you, but I don’t find painting difficult. Instead, I think the decision process is difficult. Nobody wants to spend several days working on a room and a hundred bucks on supplies, only to step back afterwards and think “my god that’s ugly! What was I thinking?”

It’s better to make good choices from the start so we don’t need to fix anything later. For that reason, I will be spending an ungodly amount of time book-marking ideas on Pinterest, then agonizing over which particular shade of green would look best in the living room.

What’s on your to-do list?


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