Attack on Titan Drawing: Hanji Zoë

Hanji Zoë is my favourite character in Attack on Titan. She’s curious and intelligent and I love her world perspective. Nobody else looks at the titans the same way she does. For example, when an abnormal titan shows up, everyone else gets upset  (understandably so) but Hanji doesn’t. Instead, she becomes excited at the prospect of capturing it alive so she can conduct experiments on it. I love that. If I existed in that universe, that’s exactly what I would want to do too.

This drawing doesn’t do her justice. I’m feeling oddly tired today and couldn’t focus for long on this, but I want to stick to my routine of writing the daily NaBloPoMo post just after midnight. Plus, I am trying to stop being a perfectionist. Sooo here it is.



It’s mainly her hair I dislike. Anime hair just kills me. That, and hands. As you can see I gave up on her left (my right) hand and left it as a demented stump. Ah well. I’m proud of the cape and the vest. For some reason I like draped fabrics. It is weirdly soothing to draw the folds and creases.

As much as I like Hanji, I still prefer to draw the titans. I can’t resist their creepiness. Hey that rhymed! Heh.

Thanks for stopping by.


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