NaBloPoMo Day 15: Midmonth Check-In

We are now halfway through National Blog Posting Month. I’m using this moment to reflect on the past two weeks and give you guys an update on my projects.

So far this month I have been sitting down at the same approximate time each day to write. This is the closest I have managed to ever get to an actual writing schedule. Normally I only do it when I feel like it…. and you can guess how often that is (the answer is not much). I don’t want to be overly optimistic, but I’m hoping to stick to the schedule long-term, even if I don’t click the “Publish” button every day.

Something unexpected and exciting has happened since starting NaBloPoMo. I’ve started to write fiction again, and it’s thanks to the writing community at Yeah Write. They post weekly challenges for different writing categories, and I entered the micro story challenge. I received wonderful comments on my story. I haven’t written fiction in months, probably longer than that, maybe a year or more, so it really made my day to finally do it and to receive positive feedback. It felt great. I’m going to participate again this week.

Posting each day has also made me realize the amount of progress I could make with my other website  The Bohemian Kitchen if only I work on it regularly, instead of just sporadically. Therefore I am putting most of my projects on hold so I can focus on it. This means putting more time towards recipe development and testing, re-starting my quirky gardening, and improving technical aspects of the site.

Recent small accomplishments:

  • attended a WordPress event where I learned more about website speed
  • set aside more mango pits to sprout since accidentally killing my first seedling. 3 pits got mould. I started pit #4 tonight.
  • started six avocado pits, one of which is close to sprouting
  • repotted the sweet granadilla to try and grow it bigger than I have ever grown a granadilla plant before
  • harvested cherry tomato seeds and set them aside to ferment
  • tested the speed of my food blog and read the report
  • figured out how to properly resize photos for the web
  • made attempt #2 on a new muffin recipe I made up.
  • found and bookmarked food photography resources
  • applied for Canadian Food Bloggers membership
  • put holds on cooking reference books at the library

That’s most of it. I’ll admit that I’m itching to get back to making my RPG game. Unfortunately, there is only so much time that I am willing to spend on the computer each day. I’m trying to get back into a fitness routine. On Thursday I bought a magazine with routines in it, then went and bought a 5lb dumbbell, and brought them home feeling all happy and proud of myself. Three days later, both items are sitting on the living room floor unused. No more of this!! No extra time on the computer allowed for me until or unless I start working out again.

Are you doing NaBloPoMo too? How is it going for you so far?



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