She didn’t think that he would leave,

though in a way it is a relief to find

that she feels better without him bringing her down.


Being alone forces her to reach deep down

inside herself to ask why she didn’t leave

him first. After all, there is something more important than him that she needs to find.


Her own strength is a priceless find.

Being alone and afraid down

inside that dark place makes her stronger, and she clutches her treasure as she climbs out to leave.


If we want to leave behind fear and find a way to rise above it, we must first reach down.

Sorry about the double post that may have shown up in some of your emails or news feeds. I had some formatting issues today!



7 thoughts on “Abyss

  1. “Her own strength is a priceless find.” is my favorite line. It’s so opposite of the title. Or maybe it’s not, like Cyn said, you found a way to make “down” positive. Perhaps “Abyss” is positive too? Like, we have to feel our downs, our fears, in order to get over them?

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