Creating a mashup Youtube video: Supernatural Funniest Moments

Hi all,

I tried something new this week and taught myself how to make video mashups for youtube. For those not familiar with the term mashup, it refers to a video that has been created with a rearrangement of separate video clips. Usually these are favorite movie or television clips arranged to play along with music.

Anyway, I love the show Supernatural, and I felt the urge to make a video collection of the funniest moments. Or at least, they’re hilarious to me. You can let me know if you agree.

I have very little experience with video editing, so this project was quite the learning process. First, I had to download the episodes containing the funny scenes. Next, I had to cut out the video clips that I wanted. I used the free program Avidemux. It took me two days to get used to it, but overall it is simple to use. My only problem was figuring out the proper way to set up the “video output” options. Turns out it depends upon things called video codecs and other stuff that makes my head hurt. Long story short, I figured out that setting a video output of “xvid4” allows the system to export the video clips with more precision than if you were to use “Copy” output. The audio stays at “Copy” output (unless you want to extract the audio from the video, but that’s another story).

After I finished cutting the video clips, I added them to a video editing program. I used Windows Live Movie Maker, which came free with Windows 7. I had no difficulty using the program. It allows you to blend the clips together more easily by using “fade in” and “fade out” audio options. If you didn’t cut the scenes perfectly in Avidemux, Movie Maker allows you to “trim” the ends off the clips, or even to cut them into separate pieces and rearrange them. It also has the option to add your own subtitles, music, scene transitions, and so on. As you can probably tell, I’m a fan of the Movie Maker.

In case anyone is wondering, here is how I extracted the audio from the video in Avidemux: set the audio output to “AC3(lav).” On the drop down audio menu, choose save. Save it as .ac3. Then, use an online codex converter to change it to mp3 format. There is probably a much easier way to do this, but this is the method that works for me. It may not work for someone else, as it depends what software you are using and which codex are supported by your computer and the programs and all of that jazz. Clearly I am not an expert, but I thought I would share my discovery in case someone else finds it useful. Also, I wanted to show off the fact that I figured out how to do it.

The Movie Maker makes it easy to turn the finished product into a youtube video. There is a nice big youtube icon which you click, and then it guides you through the next few steps, making it impossible for newbies like me to mess it up. Overall, I’m happy with the video I made, and I’m feeling obnoxiously proud of myself. Even if youtube takes it down, I will have it on my computer forever and be free to watch it at my leisure.

Do you ever make youtube videos? Have any tips or tricks to share?

Thanks for stopping by!


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