Final Exam

His five eyes blink,
black slits dilating in yellow irises.

The others watch closely.

His three hands tremble,
hovering over the operating table,
over the strange pink mounds of flesh.

He sweats profusely.

“Shit,” Kloxar thinks.
“Where does the probe go, again?”



12 thoughts on “Final Exam

  1. This made me smile. The name for the alien is perfect 🙂 I noticed though that the atmosphere seemed ordinary in places. Example…”others”… Rather than a one word zinger Didn’t do your humor justice.

  2. Fabulous poem. I find it very difficult to write humorous poetry, but you nailed it – the short, serious sentences, and the sudden reveal at the end, made me feel as if I’d watched a deadpan joke delivered perfectly.

  3. Ohhhh dear! Poor Kloxar. Such a great name and funny little piece. Performance anxiety much? Hehe I don’t have any criticisms. I thought it was pretty much perfect as is. 🙂

  4. This was hilarious. I could totally relate to the alien’s troubles, which says something when you’re talking about relating to a five-eyed alien trying to probe a human. I thought this was brilliant. 🙂

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