Ponies, Buffalo, and Chinese Dragons: Horticulture Sculptures at MOSAICANADA

A couple of weeks ago, I went to this event called MOSAICANADA. It celebrates 150 years of Canadian culture with an exhibit of mosaiculture: sculptures made from plants.

Because we went to see it during Canada Day weekend, the park was insanely busy. Getting a clear shot of the sculptures wasn’t easy. I also didn’t get to see many of the placards. There were just too many people! I did get some pictures of my favourite sculptures.

I love how realistic the horse hair looks. I’m not sure what the artists used exactly; it must be some sort of grass.

I like the musk oxen, too. They look so real!

Many of the sculptures reflect First-Nations culture.



I managed to get a look at the following placard. Shanghai gave this huge sculpture as a gift to Canada.

The lions don’t look like lions to me. In fact, that last one reminds me of a caterpiller…. still, I think they’re super cute.

I’m assuming that the Chinese dragon sculpture also came from China.

Other random photos. I especially like the huge piano!

And now for the showstopper.

Beautiful, isn’t it? I’m guessing that’s supposed to be some sort of Earth goddess. If I go back to see it again, I’ll read the placards.

Thanks for looking!


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