Mother Deer With 2 Fawns: Spotted in the Backyard!

Hi all,

I’ve moved back to my hometown in Muskoka, and that means I get to see more wildlife. Case in point: a mother deer with her two babies. My father spotted the first fawn in the backyard, sitting contentedly right outside the window.

Fawn in the backyard

I could only take pictures through the window, otherwise I might have upset the mother. I managed to get a few close-up shots of this little guy hobbling through the garden and into the wooded area. He’s so new that he can hardly walk!

Here’s Mama standing watch.

She blends in really well, doesn’t she? The other fawn was in the trees with her, so I couldn’t get a very good view of him/her. But if you look real close at the middle of this photo, you’ll see the spotted coat.

The only downside to having deer living nearby is that they might raid my vegetable garden later.

What sort of wildlife have you seen in your neighbourhood?

Thanks for stopping by!

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