I can’t take it without feeling guilt. To grasp your hand and let you pull me to my feet is an admission of weakness. I should be able to stand alone. Yet I’m still confused when I see others drowning, embracing the ocean’s waves instead of their loved ones’ arms.  

Final Exam

His five eyes blink, black slits dilating in yellow irises. The others watch closely. His three hands tremble, hovering over the operating table, over the strange pink mounds of flesh. He sweats profusely. “Shit,” Kloxar thinks. “Where does the probe go, again?”  

Snow Unicorn

Last week, H randomly started to build a snow sculpture in the front yard. I saw what he was doing and came outside to help. At first it was going to be a polar bear, but we decided that a unicorn would be way more cool. We both piled up the snow to form the…


She didn’t think that he would leave, though in a way it is a relief to find that she feels better without him bringing her down.   Being alone forces her to reach deep down inside herself to ask why she didn’t leave him first. After all, there is something more important than him that…

NaBloPoMo Post #30

It’s day 30 of the 30 day post challenge. What a relief. It’s over!!! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that I participated in NaBloPoMo 2015. It forced me to be a bit more disciplined with a writing routine, I realized that WordPress is a better place than facebook for showing off my cat photos, and the…


Jane lies strapped to a cold, hard table. Her heart pounds so fast that it hurts. Oh my God, aliens are real. She struggles against her restraints, stifles a scream. Why did they choose me? Why today? I have a date tonight!