Dresser Cat

So today I left the bottom drawer of my dresser open, and Eowyn decided to make herself at home.   What is it with cats wanting to sit on our clothes?


Desktop Cat

So my cat Eowyn likes to follow me around. This means that most of the time, when I’m on the computer, she’s sitting on my desk like this. It used to be really annoying, but over the years I have gotten used to it. I will soon be hooking up a wireless mouse so she…


Bathmat Cat

One of Eowyn’s favourite napping spots is the bathmat in the bathroom. She waits until one of us has had a shower, then plops on it before we can hang it back up.   She looks so cute that I usually leave her alone. I don’t put the mat away until she is finished with…


She didn’t think that he would leave, though in a way it is a relief to find that she feels better without him bringing her down.   Being alone forces her to reach deep down inside herself to ask why she didn’t leave him first. After all, there is something more important than him that…

NaBloPoMo Post #30

It’s day 30 of the 30 day post challenge. What a relief. It’s over!!! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that I participated in NaBloPoMo 2015. It forced me to be a bit more disciplined with a writing routine, I realized that WordPress is a better place than facebook for showing off my cat photos, and the…


Jane lies strapped to a cold, hard table. Her heart pounds so fast that it hurts. Oh my God, aliens are real. She struggles against her restraints, stifles a scream. Why did they choose me? Why today? I have a date tonight!